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   Serving firms across Canada for over 20 years.

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Land and Court

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We conduct Court and Land Title Searches and Filings, in the following areas:

bulletSupreme Court
bulletAppeals Court
bulletFederal Court and Tax Court of Canada
bulletProvincial Criminal Court
bulletProvincial Small Claims Court
bulletBankruptcy Court
bulletProbate Registry


bulletLand Title Searches and Copies
bulletLand Title Registrations
bulletProperty Tax Information
bulletIndian Land Registry Services
bulletMineral Titles Searches

in B.C. and all across Canada and the United States.




A Registry Agent specializing in assisting clients in areas of:
Commercial Lending,
Real Estate,
High-tech, and
Maritime areas.


We Offer Quick Response, Personal Service & Long Lasting Relationships

Reach us at:

300 -1122 Mainland St.
Vancouver, B.C
V6B 5L1
Tel: 604-904-6501
Fax: 604-904-6502



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