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We provide search and registrations in almost every Government Office in BC, and the rest of Canada and the USA.  Some of the areas we cover are:

bulletOffice of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
bulletBank of Canada Searches and Registrations
bulletLand Title Registry Searches and Registrations and Copies
bulletPersonal Property Registry Searches and Registrations
bulletCourt / Litigation Searches and Filings
bulletCompanies Office Searches and Registrations
bulletCanadian Ships Registry
bulletDepartment of Fisheries
bulletCourt Bailiff / Execution Searches
bulletIndian and Northern Affairs
bulletBC Securities Searches
bulletProperty Tax Information Searches
bulletRevenue Canada Searches
bulletEmployment Standards Searches
bulletHuman Rights Council Searches
bulletLabour Relations Board Searches
bulletMedical Services Plan Searches
bulletWorkers' Compensation Board Searches
bulletCivic Zoning Comfort Letter Searches
bulletMotor Vehicle Searches
bulletand more



A Registry Agent specializing in assisting clients in areas of:
Commercial Lending,
Real Estate,
High-tech, and
Maritime areas.


We Offer Quick Response, Personal Service & Long Lasting Relationships

Reach us at:

300 -1122 Mainland St.
Vancouver, B.C
V6B 5L1
Tel: 604-904-6501
Fax: 604-904-6502



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